The Bahia Emerald was carried out of the rain forest by a team of pack mules. Along the
way the mules were attacked and killed by a pair of black panthers and had to be carried
by a team of men and a hand made stretcher the rest of the trip.

The Bahia Emerald was flown from Sao Paulo Brazil to San Jose California; shortly thereafter the stone
was relocated to New Orleans and placed in a vault. Two weeks later Hurricane Katrina struck devastating New Orleans and leaving the vault and the Bahia Emerald submersed under 16’ of water for two months before it could be retrieved.

The Bahia Emerald was then brought back to San Jose and stored in a seemingly abandoned building. On or about April 8th 2008 The Bahia Emerald was secretly transferred to an attorney’s office in Santa Barbara CA. where it was kept under 24 hour armed guard before being transferred once again to a Private vault known as Commonwealth in South Elmonte CA.

The Bahia Emerald was transferred in a black Cadillac Escalade driven by Jerry Ferrara and accompanied by Kit Morrison, from the Commonwealth vault to a private vault in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Bahia Emerald was involved in a $197,000,000 banking transaction with Barnard Madoff, fortunately Madoff was led away by Federal agents just two days before the transaction was to be completed.

The Bahia Emerald was involved in a transaction gone wrong involving a well known Columbian family at the Golden Nugget hotel Casino in Los Vegas NV that nearly ended up as a blood bath battle in the Nevada desert. (All identities Withheld).

The Bahia Emerald was reported stolen to the L.A.P.D. by (identity withheld). The Bahia Emerald was questionably seized by L.A.P.D. authorities on or about Christmas eve 2008 in Los Vegas Nevada in an excursion led by Lt. Grubb.

Lt. Grubb began to organize an excursion to Las Vegas On the morning detectives drove to get the emerald, he told his deputies: “"We're going to stop on the way and get breakfast. We're going to pick up a $400 million piece of evidence. On the way back, we're not stopping." When Lt. Grubb finally laid eyes on the emerald, he said, "It almost didn't look real." Shortly thereafter (Identity withheld) who reported the Bahia Emerald stolen bowed out of the case stating his life was threatened! To this day no criminal charges have been presented and no arrests have been made.

The Bahia Emerald court battle, is one of the largest custody/lawsuits in California history has gained an international following. National Geographic is conducting a 50 minute documentary about the Bahia Emerald and the incredible, almost unbelievable story surrounding it.

The Bahia Emerald Story

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