SHADES OF GREEN - The Bahia Emerald Story

Author: Jerry J. Ferrara (Prime participant)
Co-Author: Kit Morrison (Prime participant)

Written by Don Yaeger - 6 time New York Times best selling Author
Have you ever wished Michael Oher, featured in the movie "The Blind Side, or legendary coaches John Wooden, Tony Dungy or Joe Torre could add star power to your event?
Now they can!!

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SHADES OF GREEN - Is a true life story of how two men outwitted the biggest con man in the gem trade business, faced off with a Brazilian warlord, Columbian drug cartel, a well hidden New York Mob known as the Downtown group, and Bernard Madoff then taking ownership and possession of the largest and most valuable Emerald in the world “The Bahia Emerald”.

Death threats and retaliation at every turn, hundreds of millions of dollars in Diamonds and Emeralds moved around the country in barrels, Midnight flights, look a like convoys, kidnapping, cutting through safe walls and throw away phones became daily activity. We entered a world where nothing was what it seemed and no one was to be trusted, a place where the sun never shines and morning never comes. We stood against every dark shadowy figure that dwelt there, and in the end walked away with the crown jewel valued at Three Hundred Seventy Two Million Dollars and what was left of our lives.